The Pleasure Point

I really think its writing and I'm under pressure all the time,

But the pleasure point is making all the words begin to rhyme;

The publishers are denying and the punishment is far too great,

For all the joy I'm having is giving me time in which to relate.


The pleasure point I'm making is time for someone else to read,

Because I do the writing it's not for me to read but lead;

So the joy that's in the giving is the point at the end of my pen,

And I think I'm going to eat it and that is the chicken in the hen.


So the meat of the equation is the situation that we meet,

For the reason for the living is to read write and eat;

And if you are that girl waiting, then the joy of the boy is now,

Because the men and women had us and the bull is not the cow.


So if you think we are, you had better remember we're not.

Because we're not really talking, unless you're reading and have got;

The pleasure point is meeting and then turning up again and again,

For this book ends up on the shelf but you are a friend of my pen.


It's not a joke alright that this is going right into you,

Because the food is kind of spiritual and that's a pleasure point too,

So if this is a book on the shelf that's a pleasure point I know,

But remember I'm really thinking will this publish sell or go.


There's no way it's going down the toilet because a book would never fit,

And there's not much chance of money because I know that it is it;

But when I finish all the work I know that I'll have a meal,

For the effort is really worth it because I know it's really real.



I hope it comes back