This is a poem about people and peace,

The joy of it is knowing it will never cease;

When you have and you know the beautiful place,

For it comes from the puzzle and you must find the piece.


To give you a piece of my mind is money for peace,

And you can be happy and contented with it's release;

For how lovely it is to have and get to know peace,

Perfect peace which is set to continually increase.


When you give from the heart it fills you're head with peace,

And it's nice and it's attractive and unselfish to each;

You can't ask and have or want to keep it always to never cease;

For it's best shared with others who learn of it's peace.


Now times is a factor as it leads in verse and rhyme,

With the work of the mind always satisfactorily inclined;

And to those who would greed and want it all for themselves,

Just don't know how to read all the books on the shelves.


It's great and it's costly and still eternally cheap,

And it's like dreaming and imagining in beautiful sleep;

It comes from God above who lives in all of our hearts,

And fills the mind in our head with the joy that is smart.


When the thing is wrong you can't always expect to have,

But seek out the right thing for to do so you will save;

And the peace that returns is the peace that comes back,

For is the peace that can't be beaten is heavenly black..



An Expensive Price