The One Is One

The lieing line is the winner unless its lying is the wrong lion,

And that depends on the type and the type of thing you wine;

For the thing about the winning is just why the one is won,

And that depends on giving and living while one is on and one.


Now the clothes make all the difference in what you want to wear,

For when you wear the clothes it depends on what you have to care;

So the difference is in the making of materials to last not ware,

And that is whether durable things are clothes you want to dare.


Then why the one is won depends on the place you want to win,

For all the things you wanted are beaten by all the sin;

And people have a habit of getting their own way all the time,

And that depends on one who is prayer to God in this rhyme.


Well why the west was won was because the east was the least,

And the best thing you can beat is betting on whose having the feast;

Because the distance between the east and west is the direction to take,

And that's the difference that the one who is won knows how to make.


So maybe the one is won by the won who has to win,

For that would be quite clever and to the loser just a sin;

If the intelligent had a choice to decide what which way is best,

They would choose the one that won and that is the one to test.


Now the poem is nearly done and the one who won is finished,

And the job to do right now is to tell the one who is distinguished;

For the one is won by the one who won and that is what you win,

For if you want to win the one that won you can put it in the bin.


The book's not rubbish