It's Food

A hamburger or Pizza or Hotdog or maybe Fish and Chips,

Hungry as a horse and you could eat it without it touching your lips;

Talk about eating, is this really what life's all about,

It's food and it's growing and being bred for human life's to consume.


It's making my mouth water just to think about such lovely things,

I'm developing new taste buds for the joy that it all brings;

It's a kind of a passion and a real delectable delight,

A delicacy to swallow as it goes down to your stomach just right.


I'll offer up a prayer to God who cares about our health,

Nutrition and dieting and turns the business into wealth;

You have to have faith to get the food cooked and ready to eat,

So you can sit down and enjoy it and take the weight off your feet.


The thing for the chef who cooks is nutritional perfection,

Thinking back to mum who looked after me with each daily selection;

The kitchen rules are kept as the courses are all prepared,

It's the food on the table and your starvation satisfied is cared.


Three meals a day and a snack if you're still feeling famished,

Skip a meal if you like but if you upset the cook, you'll be banished;

The dishes are all done when it's all gone and you're happily finished,

And put away in the cupboard for the new day from old we relinquish.


From the supermarket to the restaurant or to café and takeaway,

The thing with the food is it's got to all go in one day;

But more is shipped in and bought as required to be replenished,

So the plate has readily got food on it and you'll live well royal English.



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