The Beggining and The End

From the beginning to the end is the beginning and the end,

Through all the changes of life and death to turning death to life to mend;

We take each breathing breath and breathe out exhaling air,

Through the intake of life giving oxygen loving and living prayer.


And the beauty of the beginning of everything that's born or buds to live,

That only in dying can we end the world of sin when in the end we give,

So the Glory goes and comes from God above who leads us all on earth,

That every single beginning in birth is born to end up something worth.


Now the passage and path or journey is a walk of constant love,

That the best thing that we can do in life is to return to heaven above;

And we'll live and work and go through hell to get up into space,

Where the whole world aims and tries to win the entire human race.


And the greatness of God is sometimes good and sometimes needs grace,

Where the brilliance of his majesty is reflected in his mind and face;

So the beginning and the end to our journey of so far and wide,

Where some go around the planet to find the true love and their bride.


And all creation waits for the return of our savior, Christ the Lord,

Who came and went and returned from the being of God unto word;

And he is now our greatest friend who through time will heal the world,

In that he shall reign forever, to spiritually go and do the work.


So from the beginning to the end is the beginning to the end,

And the depth of love and happiness is in all of heavens might a friend;

That the pain to do things constantly well, will always end up right,

For God was heavy in the beginning and now is constantly the light.



If the sky was Heaven