The Queens Tour

The sky unfolding as the world goes around,
The Queen on her visit Tasmania abound;
We wait in anticipation of the royal parade today,
In hope that our blessing will be warn richly made.

From Victoria to Edward, Queen Elizabeth here,
The life blood of royalty from time born a year;
It's now the millennium of the second thousand stage,
The pen to this paper, the materially age, this page.

The right of the royalty her gift to bestow,
The recognition of time for God to grant flow;
The meaning of her majesty a king still to come,
This country Australia the Commonwealth's bright sun.

So all to the purpose of what's left to achieve,
The arrival her reason, her wait to conceive;
What we will all make of it what's made to believe,
To listen, my anticipation but not to one deceive.


For the will of words