Around The World

Around the world in the here and now,
I wonder when or to even know how;
All the places to visit and things to see,
Through land and skies and every sea.

With cities and towns and countries to cross,
And rivers and lakes and oceans that toss;
Around the world threres beauty to see,
The earth still turning God made here for me,

There's animals and people and houses and cars,
As we sit here and wonder what's under the stars;
With the meridian and equator and diverse lines,
Degress to north, south, west and east to design.

A pen in my hand to write these things down,
People who die through fire or do drown;
Buildings are built and houses turn,
Into homes of magic and blessing to learn.

Around the world in as long as it takes,
A lifetime of adventure for whatever it makes;
For Christ to come back and see what's at stake,
To live and to judge just what kind of lake.

I know heavens really out there but it will just have to wait,
For me to get myself into its state;
My heads still thinking but just where will it go,
The world around me still so big to know.


One more turn