From the sunrise in the morning,
Till the sun sets in the night;
AUSTRALIA is the lucky country,
With its colours all so bright.

Australia our home, the land of the free,
Of its beauty and richness in all that you see;
From Sydney with its harbour, to Alice and the rock,
The red centred country surrounded by cities people flock.

It's like a memory for everything with nothing on your mind,
The simple truth of freedom from its people loving kind;
It's a miracle of many that work to make this land,
The gentle humble steeple when you take your lovers hand.

Like the perfection if the making Australia I call his,
That gratefully expects the leading in Australia all of this;
It's the acceptance and the gratitude of finding our what's right,
That as we turn our millennium we'll see it in the light.

This magic of the people, the romance and all the love,
The gift of the eternal kingdom from God on High Above;
Australia's readers and it's writer all work to make it grand,
That by developing this culture it forms and makes our land.

The many gifts of living, the ways to want ideas,
The answer in the fortitude of all that now appear;
The reality now on as of all we eat and wear,
That our heart, our nation and heaven is in us from here to there.


People Who Are Free