The Happy Song

Can't get me down when I am in heaven,
You can't upset me when I am happy;
The way you are is the way I want you to be,
So let me be the way you want me to be.

The happy song is about people it's about you and me,
It's good to be happy and sing the happy song;
It's about the happy people who want love in their life,
It's you and me and romance and happy loving wife.

We all love to sing the happy song today,
For those who will live in their own happy way;
And for those who can't find love the happy song is for you.

So we'll all sing the happy song each new and every day,
The happy song we're living to love this brand new way;
So sing it with all you heart so the happy song with you,
When we sing it together it makes a happy me and you.

Now let's sing the happy song let's sing I loved and love,
Let's sing it together with love for me and you;
The happy song is better when you're sad and feeling down,
So we'll sing it together, so no one wears a frown.


Smiling Frantically