Parsifal Parralels Psychology



Psychology is a subject about understanding people and so the more we reseach and develope techniques for doing that the more we get to understand how we tick, each of us, you and me as people together. This book and these pages are a collection of papers on how to actually try and do exactly that. I have read many books on pyschology and hopefully that reflects in the writings of this work. I also hope that you can see some of the personal and individual style of writing that depicts my books as separately and different in writing techniques from other writers. I hope that you will see some of the experience that I have gathered from talking to pyschiatrists over the past nearly 35 years and that through that, there is some reflection of my thoughts and ideas of those perceptions. I also hope that you can relate yourselves to an understanding of pyschology in how you see people and how they see you. There is an enormous scope for understanding in all characteristc perceptions and the more we relate with each other the more that we are going to learn to get on and evolve as a merging society as an advancing growth in community relations and understanding. Some of these pages have been written quite some time ago and mostly from the period of 1985 to 1995 with a small selection in this millenium. They have had little editing for the moment and until I get a chance to go through and read and redirect some earlier thought into a more recent and modern day personal understanding of mine, I hope that you can try and appreciate them in the natural and raw state. As time goes by they will be slightly rewriiten into a more harmonious and congruent understanding on how I see the world now as opposed to how I saw it then, but for the moment lets be happy that at least there is some pages on the wonderful subject of pyschology and how you can relate and deal with people yourself. Psychology remains and is a completely individual subject, which is a perspective that has to be shared with others. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron inuendo, doest it? May God Bless you and add His understanding to this work. Darel.



1 Teaching Thinking

2 Modular Thinking

3 Capacity Thinking

4 Creative Thinking:- Food For Thought

5 Conscious Thinking

6 Simplicity (2 pages)

7 Simple To Complex (2 pages)

8 Complex Consideration

9 Thought Patterns ( 2 pages)

10 Something Of Substantial Substance

11 The Status Of The Past, Present and Future

12 Techniques


13 Id and Ego

14 Clarity and Precision

15 Vertual Integration

16 Courteous Agreement

17 Higher Intellect

18 Free The Situation

19 Direction and Guidance

20 Brilliant Power, Beautiful Mind


21 Cognitive Connection

22 Consistent Concentration

23 Conviction And Application

24 Continuious Contemplation

25 A Difficult Memory

26 Remembering

Remembering can be a saw point and stigma to believe but it gives us the necessary prompts to recall what we allready have in our memories. Sometimes it is just like gettinga jolt from someone else to stimulate your thinking be reminding you of what you remember or jooging your mind to stimulate conversation or dig into the depth of your mental subconsciousness for conscious remebering. To others it is a joy to reminisse and celebration of a life well lived. When someone we know dies, it is a priveledge to be able to remember them, with and of all the fond memories of their life on earth. While still those that keep to themself can also share the valuable treasures that they have experienced over the years. Stories told from the heart and simple pictures of beauty and grandeur, that we try to hold onto and cherish in our hearts and minds. From the heart we reflect on and from those memories in our mind and make them descriptively vocal, by telling others what we remember. The picture can be quite pretty and nice or nasty and hurtful, depending on whether the memories are good or bad, painful or kind. We want to be self selective and only choose to remember those things which we like and cherish in our souls, better a kind memory than a one of terror or fear. The thing is that remembering is both a gift and an art, the more we practice remembering the better we get at recalling those wanted or unwanted memories and the more we try to remember the better we become at being able to do so, that is remembering as a way to share your life with others. I guess you also for some people it is only a matter of remembering how much mionety you have got in the bank, what your possessions are and what you need to do to stay alive and survive, for those who are not too sure of themselves. For most of us though remembering s a form of love of those happy memories we want to hold onto and take with us when we die, for some just wishing they had more money to eat through the painful circumstances of poverty and starvation. Remembering to make sure that you have a roof over your head is just a first priority for most people but for some they need the necessary educational skills to do so and that is a form of remembering abilities and learning the how and why of life. Once you have that experience you can learn to live on a higher level and then be able to remember how to do so on a day to day basis. Remember the first thing you need is God and all else will follow suit, anything else is just a blessing upon blessing.


27 Of Logical Concern

28 Logical Intensity

29 Concerned Within

30 Just To Be Different

31 Different Difficulties - To Be Written


32 Hesitation

33 Systematic Procedures

34 A Brain Storm

35 Things Being Annoying

36 Waiting And Wanting

37 Deception Creativity (2 pages)

38 Primordial Sanity


39 Psychological Approach

40 Immagination :- Greater Than the Mind

41 Idealogical Association

42 Generation Of Work Activity

43 Worthwhile Notation

44 From Word To Phrase To Sentence (2 pages)

45 To Distinguish Language Through Interpretation and Translation

46 Literature and Law

47 The Power Of Letters ( 2 pages)


48 Allowed To be Myself

49 I Know What I Am

50 Conception

51 Understanding The Mind

52 The Perspective Of The Mind

53 The Intelligent Mind

54 Self Worth And Identity

55 The New And Old Self

56 The Pyschology Of Self

Understanding the pyschology of self, is a cognitive recognition behavioural, where by in analysing your own behaviour, you associate familiar personality triats that reflect your desired or true characteristics. Self identity is very important with the pyschology of self as in order to understand your own anatomy you must comprehend the attitude of your behaviour and how to reflect and control your thoughts with other people. Perfection is a very hard goal or aim for the individuals self, in that they are constantly trying to sell themselves for positive gain and maintain a right minded outlook at the same time. This is very difficult in selling and usually we have to stop, reassess ourselves and adjust to advance further to continue in the sales fiield. The anatomy of self requires distinct beaviuoral traits of individual pyschological assessment and continual characteristic adjustment. This ongoing updating of our own resources is a constant battle for the mind to achieve and succeed in. The brain is a normal certainty for all of us, but it is how we use and apply this resource for establishing our own best personal gain. The pyschology of self is very important in society and it is this reflection of ourselves against other members of our community or work force that depict our actual representation of our business selves and that determines how we relate with other people and our own self identities picture in the world of society that we individually live in. Functioning normally is highly important and this involves conforming to societies normal patterns or behaviour. Understanding the right and truly established recognised norms of behaviour is the key to personality developement and charcteristic advancement. Society naturally recognises high achievers and the heart of the psychological self is to perform highly in this well established area of arts, literature and stage. To truly understand out own personality developement we must be able to self analyse ourselves correctly and this is best done by commiunication with others to establish our real life picture in reflective thoughts. Finally the picture starts to become clearer on how and in what way we need to adjust to suit our situation and the pyschological self must be able to recognise the signs of the desired qualities or the aquired traits that will depict our attained personality characteristics ability to relate and identify with our own real, true selves. So therefore the pyschological self is the identity of our own true and real selves in the socitetal broad and reflected picture of our own world.Â

57 The Heart Of Me

58 The Right Frame Of Mind (3 pages)


59 What To Do?

60 The Art Of Leadership

61 Important Matters

62 Instictive Conditioning

63 Psychological Conditioning

64 Personality, Personel and Psychology

65 Logic Verses Personality (2 pages)

66 Identity Through Personality ( 2 pages)

67 Socialization (2 pages)

68 Law As Truth ( 3 pages)


69 Bachelor Days

70 Emotions

71 Passionate Experience

72 Falling In Love

73 Love And Marriage (5 pages)

74 The Behaviour Of Relationships (2 pages)


75 Social Conditioning ( Family Centred) - ( 2 pages)

76 Ethnicity And Social Class ( 2 pages)

77 The Sociological Evolvement Of Trends In Time

78 Its's A Me Society 4 pages

79 Fundamentalists Sit On The Fence

80 A Consumer Society

81Social Humanitarianism


82 A Child With An Ego Problem

83 Intelligence And Delinquincy

84 Operation Diagnosis

85 Doctors And Medicine ( 2 pages)

86 Head Disease and Heart Disease

87 Understanding Pain

88 Drugs And Medicine

89 Psychoanalysis and Psychology (2 pages)

90 Psychotic Psychology (5 pages)

91 Managing Pyschiatry ( 2 pages)