Management Meant Reading

Management meant reading

Many things are learnt and taught by books. Reading is an essential extra for the going to survive business executive today. It means keeping up-to-date with current trends. It means familiarizing yourself with how everybody else is doing things. It means gaining and retaining knowledge for practical implementation in the workplace. It generates new ideas on how to do things and seeks to keep us informed on new and recognized procedures. One does not assume one knows! One knows because one reads. You may be reading a book like this because you are interested in the basic fundamentals of management activity. Or you may be concerned that what you considered to be the right idea of management is not necessarily apparent. Or you may be considering that this is giving you some initial insight because you want to go into the field of management. Generally speaking however one does not generalize. That may sound contradictory and in fact it is, be usually you would specialize in one particular management area whilst have a basic knowledge of all the other areas and fields. What would be normal would be to pick one field or one topic out of this book and concentrate on that completely. Directors or CEO's would remember a greater repertoire of management. They usually work as with the organization at the centre of attention. Whilst other areas like marketing and accounting coming together to meet the aimed at needs. Truthfully though you can never read enough. While you try and maintain a healthy overall knowledge you will never actually attain Godliness unless you combine you're developed stalls with a positional self actualization. Remember readers are leaders and whoever has the most knowledge wins. Try and read a book a week.