Management Meant Rules

Management meant rules

Within any company or organization their needs to be a set of rules, guidelines and principles that make the work environment a safe and productive place to work. A company must maintain and structure organized rules and work principles in order to survive, succeed and win in the corporate business game. It may sound all black and white, right and wrong or left and right. But it is in fact these ideas that contribute to the productivity and performance of the enterprise. Rules give us value, a means to create worth and guidelines to ensure that safety of all people within the organization. Whilst safety remains the chief reason for rules other factors do come into the play usually all leading back to safety for one reason or another in the end. Rules do inhibit our freedom which must be admitted but the long term benefits far exceed the short term difficulties. There is always a reason for the rules and this must acknowledged and accepted in order to maintain and operate and organized and structured industry. Like the whole legal system is based around law, what you can and can't do. The effects of what happens to you if you do the wrong thing. The same is applicable within the company sometimes leading to dismissal if things are not following according to the rules. Rules are designed for a reason, we must remember that. If things go wrong we are held accountable and if the rules are followed then we are helping to ensure that things go right.