Management Meant A Bit Extra

Management meant a bit extra

There are no free lunches in business. Just because a client takes you out to lunch doesn't mean you walk away contented and winning. There is always an ulterior motive and there is always a good and logical reason to do so. However in any management position the manager has to be prepared to do a bit extra. Work harder, work longer hours, or simply just contribute more input or generate more information than his subordinates or competition. You can't expect to get enough out of your employees if you are not putting in enough yourself. That many in the form of time, money or just plain extra effort. Of course in the real work the company or manager that wins is the one that contributes more. You might not it overnight or you might not be able to organise yourself totally within a year. But in that end long term or short term high achievers are the ones that put that little bit extra in. it doesn't have to be in exuberant proportions. All it takes is the edge to win. Some will only do it once or now and again while other constantly time after time add a bit extra and are winning on a daily basis. All it takes is enough to make the difference. Enough to pick the leader at the post. Enough to attain that winning edge. Enough simply to make you company better or superior than the next. Some say winning is everything, some say winning is the only thing. But really all it takes to win is that little bit extra. Doing something that someone can't or doesn't want to do. Doing something that makes an ordinary company into an extraordinary company. Most people think its competition and being competitive is about doing or providing a little bit extra.