Management Meant Diet

Management meant diet

A healthy body is a well functioning and good working body. The only way for the manager to maintain his ability to work properly is to eat good and healthy foods and balance his meals. This means ensuring that he has breakfast, lunch and dinner and that he does not snack all day on junk food. Diet is important in that just like the internal organization of a company, must function correctly to stay in business so too must the internal organs of the body be nourished, rejuvenated and replenished with good food in order to maintain peak working condition and cope with the job of managing the business. Diet is important in that if we eat the right foods we get the best results out of our business. I remember a phrase my mother taught, that what we eat today, walks and talks tomorrow. A bit like the old Gigu saying garbage in garbage out. Of course we can't all sit around the executive dining table everyday but we can ensure that we have an adequate standard and quality of food and that we take our time eating it and aim and ensure we enjoy it. I don't eat in restaurants all the time and I try not to eat hamburgers as much as I can help it. But variety is the spice of life and a good sensible balanced diet is one way of seeking to achieve a healthy working system.