Management Meant Accounting

Management meant accounting

Accounts and accounting mean management to a certain degree. Accounting is about record keep and transactional activity that related and pertains to the running of the business. Anything that is purchase or expenditure related means the need or requirement for a document account to be created. Bank accounts through completely different from business transaction accounts are similar in some ways. Accounting means record keeping of financial transactions whether it be related to company business or bank activities. The relationship between the bank and the business company is purely plutonic and any dealings for self, or transactions between them is purely for self or personal gain. The idea however in a workable society is to have smooth flowing relationships with customers whether or not they see eye to eye is not important but instead whether or not they can meet on even terms in order to complete a business transaction. Accounting can become quite insurmountable with record keeping becoming more of a problem than advantage as far as accounting information is concerned. There's whereby one would sift through and through out of day records. Accounting provides the necessary proof for details required by others for any given reason. Records should be made available when request for tax and business sales for example. The records need to be accurate and clear to read. The principle is if a business account properly, profit will follow on. Is a company can't keep proper records it will lose. Overall then accounting means accounting to others and to the expert it is just the end result that matters.