Management Meant Respect

Management meant Respect

The problem with most organizing is that there is not enough understanding. Not enough mutual respect for other individuals. Within the company respect must be a two way thing. Whilst a superior commands respect because of his position, the subordinate deserves it because it is the fundamental basic resource of human rights. People must be treated as people. The organization must earn its own respect in order to maintain and do business in the community. Social respect, like personal respect is not something to be assumed but expected. It is not something to take for granted but instead something that must be earned. You can't make someone like you, but you can encourage them and inspire them by your positive, creative way of thinking. Respect should be an infinite resource. Unfortunately however many people are trying to take many other people for a ride. Underhanded, undercutting and basic dishonesty are a few examples. The fundamental rule for living is that if you treat someone how you want to be treated they will treat you back the same way. That is a principle which fashions respect around itself. Maintaining and sustaining respect by enjoying the fruits of the building blocks that are generated through earning respect. Respect is a manifestation of modesty, honesty and curiosity, three principles which lead to the generation of loyalty and respect. Respect is not a buzz word that lead people through fads and trends, but on the other hand a development of traditional values that interrelate, accumulate, and disperse so that beneficiaries of its self thinking righteous lead to harmonious, prosperous and ongoing successful relationships.