Management Meant Problem Solving

Management meant problem solving

Critical thinking, coping until stress and problem solving are three main key elements of management. Problem solving or trouble shooting are effectively illustrated by the ability of the manager to perform under pressure. Problems are an everyday part of life. Handling them and dealing with them reflects our capabilities to cope with many other things. Like coordinating your wardrobe or what time you have coffee n the morning or even to the extent of what time you're wife expects you home for dinner. Trivial little things like these if they are not controlled properly and managed efficiently go on to lead to major catastrophes. Of course when we see them in the light of truth there is an element of jest there. What I am really saying is if you fix the basic necessities everything else will slow through and follow on accordingly. Problem solving is a task to be endured it is a rewarding self satisfying interest that manifests itself into the life cycle of the organisation. If efficiently managed a large team can be easily and effectively controlled to see and enable that all else goes well. It is sometimes a matter of picking holes in things, while other times it is a matter of waiting for problems to occur. The thing about problem solving is that it is a never ending battle, one thing after another going wrong and having to be fixed. Of course the more we streamline and effectively balance the organization the greater our relationship is created with it. In the mean time though it is just time enough to form another problem. Ion the end we are judged by how well we handle our problems.