A-Z of Achievement

A is for Achievement

A for achievement – getting the job done.

B for believing- things will happen

C for considering – what will eventuate

D for deciding – what is the outcome

E for effort – how to proceed

F for forecasting – projecting the desire

G – for groundwork – the basic potential

H for hierarchy – channel of resources

I for investment – how will I use my time

J for judgment – deciding the result

K for knowledge – knowing the information

L for learning – discovering something new

M for money – the financial concern

N for notoriety – above fame and fortune

O for operation – the procedure of events

Q for quality – technological evolvement

R for revolving – centre of focus

S for stability – state of being secure

T for terminology – the expression of words

U for universal – flexible on all side

V for variation – never a dull moment

W doe watching – seeing is believing

X for xmas – you're final reward

Y for yes – always achieve

Z for zero – following the noughts

A is for achievement the A-Z of achieving