Management Meant Something


                                      MANAGEMENT MEANT SOMETHING

 The Leadership Direction For Understanding This Book    - Introduction  Forward and Purpose

 This is a book I started writing in the 1990’s based on the work I did and the experience I gained in working in retail stores through the late 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s which in a rough and simple, yet easy to read fashion summarises the way in which a retail store is run, managed and needs to be led. The varying aspects and contributions are really timeless but technology advances and innovation in equipment and the new and efficiently productiveness of computer tools are absolutely essential and replace old recording methods and outdated information that has been written off as depreciation or the physical stock itself which has turned over and been replaced many times in our homes, work and like in all the aparell that we have warn or wore. The historical managemental perspective is not of ancient dinosaurs, neither is it of archeological ruins but it is a matter of physically doing or having done the work and relating back to the techniques in order to advance and understand the modern requirements an appropriate adaptations to understand and imply the new technological procedures. For it is in the doing and having faith that leadership is provoked and inspired so that we can all learn on an individual basis the right and wrong ways of doing things. Through trial and error, through techniques and experience and in the learning and knowledge of the best and right ways to do things, it is with proven rules and the regulations that govern, what, how, why, who, what, where and when to do the things so that we know the method and the procedure and the absolute best and right way to do things through reading, asking, learning, taking initiative and leading by example in order to accomplish their aims, goals and objectives of successful management. This is also some reflection on my Advanced Certificate of Management and small Business Management Certificates that I graduated with in 1997 from Gymea Technical and Further Education Institute or College which I took many notes from and used many assignment s to refer to as well as extensive reading on a wide cross section of management Authors who have influenced and inspired me to reproduce and create my own interpretaion on how I think it should be done and some of the actual ways and methods I have used in climbing the heirarchical organisations of the business world in some of the most successful retail chains and company outlets Australia has seen. Please aim to understand the principles and above all else learn to enjoy the art of retail management and whatever you adapt theses thoughts, ideas and principles to in order for you to, to understand from the customers perspective and through their eyes what is a pleasant and happy to shop in a business enterprise. I only ask for your satisfaction and my aim is only to please, so enjoy the read and if possibnle learn something and take it out for your own benefit and use the extraction to extrapolate your own business. As it is only now finished in 2012 there has been years of deliberation and thought retained and realized as written work in which I hope you can appreciate after my twelve years study and what seems to be a lifetime to complete is a simple yet enyoyable approach to the oral form of the deeds done in hard work but is easy to read and apply. Please make as much use as you can out of my experience and if you can reproduce the same effort, thankyou very much. 

Darel Robert McAllister


How to positively influence men in business

The ultimate reality of selling is that while you are actually selling a product and a lifestyle you have to make a provision for a future for your prospect or client. In other words what I am trying to say is that you must sell the possibility of hope for your product to do what it is suppose to do for a given period of time, which in turn creates a new reality in which the person can live, adapt and climatise. This is really generating interest for a better lifestyle which in turn reflects your own ability to impress others with your own standard and quality of life. Creating a future for yourself or others is part of obtaining the lifestyle that you would be happy with and what you would like to influence others with through the standards that you make and set for yourself. I guess we are all trying to win for one reason or another but winning has a tremendous price and one has to be prepared to pay the cost. Some say it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. In which I would have to say that a philosophy like that certainly generates a healthy lifestyle. Others still will say that winning is the only thing in life, which I would suggest was very egotistic and self centered. The secret is then in finding ones comfort level, one level of acceptance or ones limit to expectations. There is another saying that says we should aim to achieve all things in moderation. And another one that says that all things are possible through God who strengthens me. This is actually creating an individual reality for the bigger picture. Saying that all things are possible yet I must limit myself to what I am actually capable of so that I am not caught up too much on the one thing but actually have a variety and interest in life. That concept or picture is a means of directing my own life so that I am satisfied and content with my surroundings. The organization and ordering of it, is enormous and would in fact take a life time to achieve. But we have to content to go on day to day putting the pieces together in order to formulate and generate the ultimate reality. That may be your own utopia, paradise or kind of heaven or whatever you may wish to call it. But the individual still remains solitary in the greater world of society. That leads for a need for interaction and religion which creates awareness hope and relationships on an earth of activity and life.


The Future Direction of Management

In an economic and political world of rising turmoil and instability for countries to maintain budgeting and balance books by paying off debt and producing a surplus profit, the management ability needs to be greater in presence and control to intensify structure and implement fundamental procedures. The future direction of management, as it has always been in succeeding companies is organizational ability. Seeing and recognizing real performers and promoting accordingly and training not only those who show potential to advance but encouraging and supporting studies and learning financial procedures in tertiary education and basic lifestyle skills for longevity. The importance of the organizational ability is for to see and need a plan to provide and fill the need to the highest satisfaction of the customer. Price and turnover has always and will always be key factors in customer enhancement and long term credibility, advancing and progression as products go out of date and are superseded by more advanced and enhanced ideas for manufacturing. The continual renewal and regeneration of the internal life cycles and material components of the entity must be stabilized and standardized to fulfill re-occurring and sustainable growth. The future direction then leads from to company to the country so that international and atmospherical space is generated and continually used to maintain and manifest transactions and supply commodities that are not only required but are in demand by the consumer. If we have computers today and robots next year and that kind of aim is transitional and in exhaustive in the race for interplanetary transportation and the freight we ship and haul today and as always it is in a regular managemental logical progression for the future.