Life Philosophically

Life Philosophically

The Wisdom Of Life Philosophies:- Introduction

Life was not meant to be easy was a famous quote by a few people, and very true it is. Life in all its precious unmerited faith is truly a blessing and a gift of God. It is the scene waiting around the corner to be beautifully consumed, it is the vast unknown of knowledge to be understood and intellectually grasped. It is the surplus plentitude of abuntant living in many forms of indulgences to be rich, it is also the sacrifice in denials of being poor to be happy and it is the exploration of truth and the vast undiscovered cavities of the yet to be discovered universe. Life is truly an amazing thing and we should never underestimate or undervalue its gift. The joy of seeing a flower open or a the deers fawn born, dolpins swimming in the ocean beside the great blue whales. Science has yet to answer what has been done by man in all his accomplishments since conception and probably never will totally will. The fultility of trying to beat God still overwhelms and consumes many. Really the work is always being done and will always be getting done and we have to include ourselves in the active participation of doing what we can to make this a better world to live in. Life on earth as we know it is truly a wonderful thing and the search for meaning, for the answers to the questions that constantly arise, challenge and equip us to enable coming advancement and lead to the economic productivity of the social heart of the soul, called life, itself. From the formation of the earth to the planets in orbit, to the many micro organisms of marine bilology on sedimentary rock platforms. To feel the eruption of oozing lava in volcanic eruptions and earth quakes in the heart that lead to the veins of the human body. Or simply just to sit back and recline in a library to read and try and understand what it is, life is the ultimate question and while death is an answer, it is not the only answer and the path we have trod is just as important and the path we will tread. So now as we search this critical path of the road of life in this new book Life Philosophically, I am tempting you to follow me once more in the adventure of uncovering and discovering this new and hidden concept of love, as an all consuming passion and faith, that provides the virtue of morality and hope, which in turn leads to the unknown of what really and truly is life is, as a vision of seeking and searching to find and unearth the wisdom and meaning of its true form of reality. Buckle up for the ride and stay tuned as life evolves in words of philosophy. Darel Robert McAllister



1 Its A Good Question

Life is really a good question and in fact the ultimate question of what it is all about. Questions deserve good answers and life has a fully loaded triggger system of nearly unending, openended and closed questions and answers to what is a simple topic of life itself. Philosophy is the asking of questions to life and its meaning that we might uncover truths and facts about what is real and right in the common board circuit of life. I could go on for hours and indeed this book will be full of answers to the questions of life. Narrow misses and escapes, close calls and getting comfortable and uncomfortable. In fact we are making life choices all the time in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding to establish and maintain a higher intellectual capacity for living. We make decisions and are subject to challenges, reasons for living, stuggles and climaxes of making mistakes and learning. We all need to have a hope, to put our faith in a higher calling or being. To love like we have never known what to do before and establish the credentaials of God as king for the right minded center and depicture of the glorious story of living life. It is fair to say that the seasons lo life and as real as the anxieties and stresses of everyday activities, creating the highs and the lows of living where by loving we aim to overcome and learn that the higher calling in life is to be obedient to the truth and live the higher dream of right minded thinking. We have to accept our realities and we have to adapt and change to the circumstances to provide the real truth and fruition of meaning to ourselves, by establishing the right and correct living patterns of success. Doing this is a step in the door to the heavenly goal and path for survival where paradise is the outcome and desired goal of accomplishment. Money as real as it seems to us for everyday things and expenses of even daily food, can be shallow and empty without the hidden truth of love and being. For to accept our reality is a common self attained goal of satisfaction and personal self esteem. For now I have dealt with the reality of philosophy of life in its very own meaning, let us take up the passion of the heart and look further into what this question is of, What is life all about? It is indeed a good question and we will continue to look further and deeper intio this question with more meaningful answers with a certain depth of character for truth and what wisdon it holds to be revealed. 

2 Its Ok To Ask

Its Ok to ask or as so the story goes, he who askes for nothing, gets nothing. If we have a problem and don't know the answer, people are willing to help and all we have to do is ask that simple little question admitting that we don't know the answer and get and seek help. I don'ty know what it is is the question, when balck is white and white is black and all you draw from the middle inbetween is grey and I don't know, it is Ok to ask What is it, really I mean. life is full of questions and there are many meanings and answered inplied by sometimes trick questions that really only deserve simple answers. I hurt or I am in pain, why we ask, what did I do wrong, why am I suffering, what is it all about really anyway, I don't know, but I am willing to ask and it is Ok to ask. Don't be ashamed or feel guilty by not knowing, unless we ask we usually don't know or are unwilling to find out, unless we ask. What is it all about life really I mean. We have to challenge our thinking to discover and unearth the hidden meanings of the truth and ask why, how who, what and where is this thing called the truth in life that I really want to know all about. Asking seeks discovery and questions seek answers to the truth. Really it is never wrong to say, I don't know. What is life all about anyway, will someone please tell me, it is OK to ask. I can assure you that even the gtreatest professors and scientists never knew the answers to the questions of life, until they asked. That is how we learn and discover the unending truths of the universe. So just as Einstein discovered E=MC2 or Issac Newton discovered gravity or the law of physics that, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These are reasons to questions that people were not afraid to ask, by being daring, trying to excell, they succeeded and found. But don't be timid with questions becasue it is Ok to ask and he who hesitates is lost, but he who seeks finds and he who asks recieves, according to Jesus and His unfathomable truths have been passed down the centuries for many proven prosperities, many times. Don't be afraid, it is Ok to ask, Ok good, Universities are designed to be asked and to be asking of questions.

3 Let Me tell You Why

I am now saying, let me tell you why. Its good to ask questions and it is Ok to ask, but now, let me tell you why that is so. Why is it so? as professor Sum De Miller often asked, he asked to discover why something is, was or will be. Why was it there in the first place and what will become of the thing if we do or do not do something about it. The whole of history depended on people asking "Why". Why is a very good way to start to ask a question. Why are we here for example? Everything in history had a reason for being here, just the same as everyone did. People did just not come into being without question or reason. People have not just happened for know reason, at least your parents thought about you first before you were even born, you were thought about. You are here for a reason therefore and just like God created the universe and spoke everything into existence, the predestination of all of our souls are predetermined in the whole, great, big picture of the scheme of things, infact the universe would not be here without enough thought first and then people asking why. God knows what you will be doing next week. Why, because someone asked why and how it all comes into being depends on you and me and God overseeing the whole situation and operation. In fact the perfect plan for our whole lives is in the very being and heart and nature of the soul of God, who wants the best for out lives and will carry it through if we will only achknowledege Him as Lord and saviour of our lives. The divine purpose of seeking God is to have a relationship with Him, to look to Him in time of need, in time of hardsghip, intime of misunderstanding. The whole big purpose and design of our lives is in His hands if we will only acknowledge and trust Him. Believe, let go and try to trust Him and His grace will be sufficient for our lives and the best possible out come and reasons for living will become clear and the purpose exposed to the truth of right living. Have a go to and ask why to, you will be blessed by the answer of it all.

4 Intelligence Helps

5 Smarter People

6 Let's me Live Live Longer

7 Thankyou, I know Why

8 Choice Wisdom

9 Seek Wisdom

10 Learning Reveals


11 Life, What's That?

12 I'll Take The Question

13 Thoughts on Life

14 Why Do You Need To Know That ?

15 A Reasoning Mind

16 The Establishment Helps

17 The Truth Revealed

18 The More I know

19 Please Do tell

20 Thankyou Form Asking


21 LIfe Is beautiful

22 Understanding Birth

23 Flowers and Animals

24 Mountains Rise and Rivers Run

25 Why Do People Live

26 An Ocean Full Of Fish

27 How A Bird Flys

28 Why Build Houses

29 Thankyou God

30 Test The Truth


31 Its Good To Ask

32 Taking Time To Think

33 Why Always More

34 Knowledge Is My Right

35 Glorious Freedom

36 Wisdom Helps

37 That's Why I Asked

38 Peace Be With You

39 When Things Go Wrong

40 Grace and Mercy


41 He Who Looks Finds

42 Search and Seek

43 I Use To Know Where

44 It Changes Places

45 Look Up Look Down

46 Its All Around Me

47 Sometimes Its Inside Me

48 Think Outside The Atmosphere

49 The Beauty Within

50 Appearances Can Be Square


51 Other People

52 Simple Things

53 Peace and Joy

54 Heaven Minds

55 Hell Is easy To Find

56 Life Abundantly

57 Brilliant Tears

58 I Think It Is In My Head

59 I Have To Look Outside

60 Somewhere Over The Rainbow


61 It Must Be Real

62 The Truth Hurts

63 Are You Dreaming

64 What Makes Things Ideal

65 Thanks For Nothing

66 Something I Have To Explain

67 Healthy Wisdom

68 Beautiful Feelings

69 Helping Others

70 Whose Got All The Answers ?


71 Now I See It

72 Why Weren't You Looking ?

73 I Can't See Where

74 There It Is

75 Right In Front Of Me

76 Where Else Could It Be ?

77 Nice Things Appear Right

78 Is That Money?

79 Time Is So Important

80 I Must Have Needed That


81 Knowing How Works

82 Intelligence Helps

83 Smart Thinking

84 Clever Thinking

85 It Was Wisdom All The Time

86 Where Does It Come From ?

87 Put It Right Back

88 Reading And Writing

89 Physical Skills

90 Always Learning


91 Been There Done That

92 Why! What's Next?

93 I Could Not See You

94 You Did It Your Way

95 How Would I know ?

96 Wisdom Seeks Attention

97 The Best Is Left Undone

98 What's Still To Come ?

99 I'm Glad We Did It

100 Now It Is All Over