Hoping For A High

The more you suffer, the better it gets in the end.
Hoping for a high and all you need is a song and a friend;
You think that you have got it hard right now and that is tough,
Because no matter how hard you work life is a bit rough.

Hoping for a high and you are two to be put into the picture,
Thinking that you will get what you want and you will be the richer;
Hoping for a high and no matter how hard you try you lose,
But when all things fall into place, you end o with what you choose.

Hoping for a high and guess that is the way to go yet again,
Still looking and searching for the right way, by works from within;
My pen is putting down in writing just what it thinks is best,
And I'm hoping for a high while I put myself to the test.

Hoping for a high and I don't really know what is for,
But I know what when I'm down and out I need the high evermore;
If you hoping for a high and think that you don't have to even try,
The best is coming along, that if you're not where you belong you lie,

I love the reassurance that Good is in control of my life,
And that all I need to do is marry and stay out of strife;
The wife might be a reason but unless you talk you dumb,
Add she will go a running all the way right to mum.

Hoping for a high and your left stating out on the fence,
With you thought all undivided, but making decisions are stress;
Hoping for a high and you think I am about to give on eye you,
But unless you have been to hell you won't know what heaven means.


Paradise Quest