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Please Note-that books 1-21 are of Poetry of which 19 are readable by you in the Book section of the home page menu. 12 and 13 are still being written. The next books under the title description of General Classifications are separate in number even though they continue on in a logical follow on order. For the right order of when and dates that the books were relaesed check under Bibliography at the bottom of the Home Page and for the list of available books to read you can locate them there in the Bibliography or written next to each book here under The To Be Released News at each title reference. Books that can be read are marked here and books that are written and awaiting typing are also listed here. This is just a guide for work being typed and available to be read now and constant checking will be required to stay up to date with the news on changes of release information.

PS.Corrections-take time to fine tune and require a bit of mental motivation which is hard for me, please be patient and encouraging as I try to fine tune the work to the state of perfection.The first seven poetry books have been corrected, as well as five of the earlier written and later typed.The work is at about 99.9% when typed and it just takes me to proof read and correct the .01%.The typing of this work which is done outside, it is a very high standard and so I only have to skim over to final check, but this does take time and bare with me on this.Thanks Darel.

Thanks:- Cheif Editor, Darel.

New Books 2018

Aproximate Estimates In Progress

Parsifal In Paradise by December $470 

Parsifal Progresses Nicely - March/April 2018 $470

Parsifal Parrallels Psychology by June 2018 $1070

Life Balances - Late 2018 - $1000


The New Second Website is now on and in the process

of being built.**Have a Look / Follow Progress**$2000 Paid**

*** ''KING OF PARADISE'' ***

***The Disability Centre***---**Pyschological Literature**

A new concept with a Pyschological Approach In Moralistic and

Ethical Literature.----''For People Who Struggle To Understand''

Psychological Literature Book Subjects

Parrallels Psychology
Parsifals Social Desires
Common Sense Ideas
Community Skills
Ethics and Issues
Behavioural Arts
Sociological Thoughts (Under written Idea)
Science Of The Mind ( Under Follow The Star)
Life Philosophically...........
Psychological Thinking (Under Wriitten Idea)

***New Third Website***---***KING ROYAL ENTERPRISES***

Follow progress

For Intellectual Literature - Now On-Being Built $2000 paid.

"The Work Centre"*Creative Discussion and Dialouge*In


Intellectual Literature Book Subjects
Management Meant Something
Parsifal Revolutionises Reality
Parsifal Points Politically
Parsifal’s Educational Ideas
The Right Of Leadership
Organisational Ideas
Management Ideas
Parsifal’s Life Balances
Parsifal Great and Grand
The Interabilities


Work Will Be In Progress Through To 2030 At This Stage


Books Of Poetry 1-21

A Book Of Poetry -The Coming of Parsifal/ Paperback Edition and On Website

Book 2 of Poetry - The Return of Parsifal/ Paperback Edition and On Website

Book 3 of Poetry - Parsifal Rides Again/ Paperback Edition and On website.

Book 4 of Poetry - Parsifal on Tour/ Ready For Printing and On Website

Book 5 of poetry - Parsifal Doing and Going, 60 Poems, On Website, Corrected and ready for reading.

Book 6 of Poetry - Parsifals Poetic Logic. 60 Poems, All corrected and available on website.

Book 7 of Poetry- Parsifals Seventh Heaven. 60 poems available to be read. Corrections Finished.

Book 8 of Poetry. Parsifal Self Actualizes. The Complete Individual, 60 poems on website and available for reading but just need checking for possible corrections.

Book 9 of Poetry- Parsifal The Poetic Person. Now Available. 60 poems written and typed and is on the website to be read. Corections and checking still to be done.

Book 10 of Poetry- Parsifals Advances Poetically, Now written and ready for reading on the website. Corrections to be double checked, It use to be book 7.

Book 11 of Poetry- Parsifals Eleventh Heaven- Now On The Website. 60 Poem Titles. All Typed and on the website to be read. Checking will take time and will be started when other books are done first.

Book 12 of Poetry- Parsifal in Paradise.:-Now on the map of the website and not too far away. 60 Poem Titles on view, and written, now at the website service provider and will be ready in June 2017.

Book 13 of Poetry- Parsifal Progresses Nicely:-. 60 Pages/Poems. 40 written now, 20 to go. On the home page and ready for a preview and sneek look at the chapters and poems coming. Late 2107.

The Next 8 Books

Books 14,15,16, 17,18,19&20 readable now. Books 14- 22 were all written from between 1985 and 2010. Darel.

Book 14 Of Poetry :- Parsifal Provides The Poetry.66 poems written and typed on the website now for reading. Corrections all done.

Book 15 Of Poetry :- Parsifal Cruises Along:-Poems are all written and typed on the website for you to read now.60 Poems correct. Darel.

Book 16 Of Poetry :- Parsifal Rhymes Forever:-Now on The Website with 68 Poems written and is able to be read. Corrections all checked and done. Darel.

Book 17 Of Poetry :- Parsifal's Perfect Poetry:-65 poems, Complete and checked and on the website for you to read now, please enjoy. Darel.

Book 18 Of Poetry :- Parsifal's Faith In God:-70 Pages. Typed and on the site to be read now. Corrections all done.

Book 19 Of Poetry :- Parsifal's Human Loves:-60 poems / pages. Now on the wesbsite to be read. Checking to be completed, checked chapter 1. Please enjoy. Darel.

Book 20 Of Poetry :- Parsifal's Few Things:-54-Pages / Poems ready to read now, all are on.Checking still to be done.

Book 21 Of Poetry :- Parsifal's People Poems:-64 Pages. This book is now typed and on the website for you to read now Checking still to be done. 

Book 22 Of Poetry:-Parsifal's Idea Factory :-Some poems written, but Too Far Distant To Tell Yet.

Book 23 Of Poetry:-Parsifal Reigns Surpreme :-Too Far Distant to Tell Yet.

Book 24 Parsifal Haunts Himself:-Too far Distant to Tell Yet.

Book 25 Parsifal Dies Poetic Verse:-Too Far Distant to Tell Yet.

General Classifications

Book 1 Management Meant Something- People Mean Business.Checking and corrections to come. Details of how to run a shop or small business from my experience in the 70's 80's and 90's. Please enjoy and feel free to use it as a reference for practical application and general use in business. Available For Reading Now.

Book 2 Parsifal Revolutionizes Reality. The World Will Work.On The Website Now and can be read but needs final checking and corrections.

Book 3 Parsifal Points Politically. Equalizing Economics.125 pages written. All pages are now typed and put on to the website and able to be read in total now. Proof reading and fiinal checking to be done. The first chapter and the first four pages of the second chapter are checked and right enough for me.

Book 4 Parsifal's Educational Ideas:-An Approach For- Teaching and Reaching, Leading and Reading. Now 83 pages, Written, Total and Complete on the website and are ready for reading. Enjoy the first taste of this new book and corrections will follow soon, to fine tune typing and writing errors.

Book 5 Parsifal on "The Right Of Leadership":-Passionate Legalities on Loving, Guiding and Showing a Personal Style of Leadership you can adopt to suit yourself and develope as a way of creating your own individual style of leading and some techniques for managing. 124 Ideas on Paper and all pages are now all written, Typed and on the website now.

Book 6 Parsifal Parallels Psychologically:-. Incorporating Behavioural Arts, Social Sciences and Organisational ideas. 112 pages from 84 titles sorted into chapters and page order for reading now. A new concept for 2014 All written now from between 1985-1998. To be typed and put on the website by, early 2018 hopefully.

Book 7 Parsifal's Life Balances:-Balancing The World On Earth /The Word Is A Paradox, The Work is A Paradigm Shift. I have Eleven Chapters Ready and 105 pages ideas and will be trying for 12 Chapters and 120 pages by the time it is finished and ready to read. Ready by late 2018 at this stage.

Book 8 Organisational Ideas100 ideas now concieved and on the page with the Introduction written. This book will be written typed onto theis page as well and put into normal website formatted structure when it is finished and paid for at aprox $300.

Book 9 Parsifal:- Great and Grand:-Thoughts For,A Kingdom Full Of Inspiration. 115 page titles listed and sorted into 12 chapters and maybe a few more to get the 120 pages to come. 2014 -15.

Book 10 The Interabilities.60 pages listed as ideas on the related toolbar. 27 pages written and another 33 ideas to write. Maybe another 40 by time of Posting after the rest are written. Will be ready sometime in the near future. A new concept for 2014- 2015 at this stage.

Book 11 Parsifal's Behavioural Arts100 ideas for writing, listed for you to get a preview of now. 

Book 12 Parsifal's Social Desires:-60 pages so far for ideas to write with chapters.

Book 13 Parsifal's :- Life Philosophically. Including Common Sense Skills, 100 pages all Written but each page must be organised into chapters and fully typed and corrected.

Book 14 Parsifal's :- Managemental Ideas120 pages written but each page must be organised into chapters and fully typed and corrected.

Book 15 Parsifal's :- Equalizing Economics120 pages written but each page must be organised into chapters and fully typed and corrected.

Book 16 Parsifal on Ethics and Issues:-Tackling and Challenging being caught by victimization and moral outcome. 50 ideas, Ten written. A new concept by 2020. Replacing Oral Literature Skills.

Book 17 Parsifal's:- Common Sense Ideas100's of ideas that come to mind, still to be written and thought of, some written.

Book 18 Parsifal's:-Community Skills, 100 pages written to be sorted into chapters, typed and corrected.

Book 19 Parsifal On Poverty:-God Help The Poor

Book 20 Parsifal Philanthrophises:-The Gift of Giving

Book 21 Parsifal Evaluates Entrepreneurship:-A Comentry on Finances

Book 22 Parsifal Entertains Enlightenment:-A Reflection On Truth

Book 23 Parsifal Works on Stewardship:-The Environmental Saviour

Book 24 Parsifal Owns A Style:-The Personality With Flair

Further in The Distance

Book 24 Parsifal's Discovers The Truth of History-How Old is The Earth?

Book 25 Parsial On Love, Marriage And Family- Values and Respect In Building Relationships

Book 26 Parsifal Gives God The Gospel- An Analylitical Approach To The Parralell Kingdom

Book 27 Parsifal Faces God- Born Again To Meet My Maker - The Reality of Change

Book 28 Parsifal Reigns As King- To Serve and Love His Master - Yeshua Is God

Book 29 Parsifal Gives God The Glory- The Peace of Eternal Paradise

Book 30 Parsifal Judges Heaven and Hell- The Difficulty Of Experience and Knowledge

Book 31 Parsifal Remains The Same- The Law of Change and Redirection

Book 32 Parsifal Still Focuses On God- The Spiritual Blessing of Happiness

Book 33 Parsifal Asks The Questions- He Answers,Why is Life worth It's Value?

Book 34 Parsifal Conquers Himself- The Ability To Beat The System

Book 35Parsifal Heals Disease-The Doctor Of Sickness And Health

Book 36 Parsifal Wins The War- The Arguement and Debate For Diplomatic Peace

Book 37 Parsifal Must Have Faith In God- The Beauty Of Trusting The Lord

Book 38 Parsifal Gracefully Accepts God's Gifts- The Giving and Getting Of Grace

Book 39 Parsifal Speaks Mercy To Troubled hearts- The Longing and Understanding To be Understood

Book 40 Parsifal Tells Of The Goodness and Greatness Of God. - The Onipident Serving Suffering Saviour

Book 41 Parsifal In Prayer- A Highly Intelligent God

Book 42 Parsifal Reflects On Meaningful Memories- Why I Don't Remember Everything At Once, But Let memories Dwell On My Mind.

Book 43 Parsifal's Rationalization-Why Doing Things Slowly, Logically and Methodically makes You A Stable Person.

Book 44 Parsifal's Interests In Life-And The World - Things To Do, Places To Go and People To Read

Book 45 Parsifal On Waiting And Thinking- Why It Takes Time To Do Things And There Is A Price And A Cost For Everything.

Book 46 Parsifal On Working And Wanting- Why We Need To Keep Our Minds Occupied To Stay Out Of Harms Way.

Book 47 Parsifal On Depression And Schizophrenia- Why Positive Thoughts And negative Thoughts Control And Influence The Mind Wrongly.

Book 48 Parsifal Knowing And Showing-Parsifal reveals the truth of God's Eternal Kingdom.

Book 49 Parsifal Faces God

Book 120 Parsifal The Grand Final- The Never Ending Story - My Biography or Autobiography.

60 books in all, which will mean nearly 6 full rows on the toolbar including the last one which I may get to 120 books at this rate, an autobioghaphy or biography.

A FINAL NOTE FOR EDITING WORK ON MY BOOKSTyping and Writng Costs Time and Money You Know. So Any Contributions To The Cause Would Speed Up The Process And Would Be Gratefully Accepted and Used. Thanks Darel. Your Humble Pensioner Who Would Dearly Like To Support Himself, Responsibly, Accountably and Individually Financial. Thanks Darel.

BOOKS FOR SALEMy Paper Back books The Coming of Parsifal, The Return of Parsifal, Parsifal Rides Again. Are available for sale at Rudolf Steiner Book Shop Sussex St. Sydney.Or Directly from me $20 if I post one to you. 2 for $35 and 3 for $45. Allow for international Postage and time restraints. Extra $10. Click Contact Darel at the bottom of the home page.