Good Knight's Wisdom Quotes

Good Knight's Wisdom Quotes

This is a segment on which I will copy and paste the good knights wisdom for you to go through at your leisure, as time goes by. For when you forget what was in the Evening's Good Knight's Wisdom you will have it here to read and look back on.Thanks Darel.

5/12/2015 :- Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today

Now I use to do a segment each night back in the first year of my website called The Wisdom for today, which I am thinking about starting up again. I deleted a months news by mistake one time with some of the best of Todays Wisdom on it and it was not printed and so I got annoyed and gave the idea away as a bad joke. I am going to try and sart that up again, but it may just be a weekly or weekend Wisdom, we will see how we go. So tonights wisdom is ''Do not put off till tomorrow, what you can do today". It was a favorite saying of my mothers and it has meant so much to me over the years, here I go starting of the Nights Wisdom with that after I have slept most of the afternoon, but it is true. I am usually out and about doing something or going somewhere and that is making productive use of your time. Seeing things people and places is a good way to spend your time even if those who work in a 9-5 job everyday or a trade or office. I complain about not enough money quite a lot, but actaully I have a lot of time and an affordable means of travel and utilizing that time is most important, but those who have the solid work with the high incomes have very little time to do the things they want and would like to because they are tired down alll the time with the committment of a fulltime job. So I really have got nothing to complain about and even though I was tired today, I have actually had quite a busy week and the weekend has caught up with me and I rested. So no matter what we do during the day we should all try and stay upd to date each day with what we have to do and keep on top of the workload so that we have enough time to do and enjoy the things we want and like. I have been through this before for you long time faithful readers,but this is for new readers and those who have forgot my relevant lifestyle with their own industrious work. Thankyou all for being my readers and you will be most welcome back for the next lot of news if you only follow by the week or for those who come in every day, you should know me by now. Next Weeks Wisdom will be on "Knowing what you are looking for" Have a good knight and God Bless. Darel.

6/12/2015 :- Know What You Are Looking For

"Know what you are looking for" This is always a good matter, no matter what you want in life. It is important to have some idea of what you want before you aimlessly start exploring things that have no meaning. It is not always money that brings happiness and Jesus has a lot of the answers to life, when we think we know what is best for ourselves. We should have some kind of goal and pray about the plans for the purpose so that The Lord directs our steps to attain what we seek or want. It is people that have the real key to success and it is God who directs them to the right relationship with Himself. So next time when we tthink we know what we are looking for look to the kingdom of God and he whp sees your own path will lead you to the divine purpose and plan for you life. What is obvious is not always real and true and what is unseen is not always worth knowing, but seek the truth and the straight path of righteousness and then you will start to really find what you seek.

7/12/2015 :- When You Are In A Hole Stop Digging

Tonights Wisdom is " When you are in a hole stop digging " or When you are in a mess, try and find a way out " That means that we have to try and stay organised without getting into too much trouble when we are doing things wrong we should stop and sort things out before climbing deeper into trouble. We should also put in place the necessary safeguards to maintain order by doing things right in the first place and secondly making sure that if we do something, we do it properly and then we don't have to worry about the untoward consequences of wrong doing. Making a mess without direct intentional knowledge is OK, but that means that we must clean up our mess or mistakes when we have finished or make sure that as we do the job that we stay on top of the orderly conduct of the job and restrain ourselves to doing the slow and efficient way, instead of the quick and easy way. For getting out of the hole, we should first recognise that we are sinking and take steps to go no further, but correct our problem before we are in a ditch too deep to fix. Enjoy, Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

10/12/2015 :-"Life was not meant to be easy"

&"Dig deep when the tough times come, because then the tough get going"

Wisdom with a Political Slant. "Life was not meant to be easy" and "Dig deep when the tough times come, because then the tough get going" Life is usually about work and life is not meant to be easy and nor impossible either. There was a book written titled Work Smarter Not Harder, but also Einsteins thought that Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. And that means that when the times get tough, the tough get going and life was indeed not meant to be easy for those who want to succeed and have a certain quality of life to their means, but they must knuckle down and get on with the job. Robert Schuller wrote a book titled Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do. That means that tough people have to keep on doing or start doing again when they have forgotton all about it. We all must maintain a certain work effort and ethics too, but we should all try and put productivity ahead of pleasure, but all work and no play make us all a bit dull and some relaxation for a rejouvinated work effort is required. That means that we should try and not watse time, but get on with the work that we enjoy to be fruitful and as a biproduct of that, we are becoming productive. I could go on and on on this forever, but I will let someone else have a turn on how to fix the economy and just remind you all once again for the last time that we are all accountable for our own countries and we are all able to make the right decisions for our countires economy if we work hard at it in the right direction of aiming to do the right thing and not be a drain or a waster. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

11/12/2015 "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road & Which Came First The Chicken Or The Egg."

I have tonights Wisdom for you. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road and Which Came First The Chicken Or The Egg. Strange sort of wisdom is what you might first think of to that, but I can assure you that there is a very deep and meaningful explanation attached. Why a chicken, not a cow or a horse? We must remember that when crossing the road our safety comes first and to be first or even know why is sometimes not as important as just trying to stay alive. Being first is not always the most important thing and even Jesus said he who will be first will be last. We must get our priorities right for answeringa nd solving the meaning of life might be as simple as the chicken crossing the road or not. To get to the other side was far more important in the meaning of things than actually whether it was a chicken or cow or horse. The chicken is used because sometimes people are scared like chickens and it is the intimadation or cowardness that actually lets us get hit by the car instead of staying confident and making competent decisions. When driving a car, obviuosly we should exercise extreme care and look after our car, but you have to know when to accelerate in a time of emergency as well or to avoid an accident that might have been someone elses fault, but would damage your car without defensive driving. Really you are better of eatinmg the chicken or the egg for that matter and it does not really matter which you eat first except people usually have eggs for breakfast, which is the first meal of the day. So you are not going to get an evolutionary answer off me, but I will let you consult Darwins theories of origin of species for that. Suffice to say that the chicken was a hen and a rooster to proculate and incubate an egg to hatch a chicken and to cross the road for a chicken is not really a very good idea as most chickens would get hit doing so and for us humans we have to be a lot smarter than that, even to the point of pedestrian crossings, with our egg sandwiches when we go to school and our chicken dinners on the table when we come home. So I will leave you with that thought for today, in that, eating and crossing the road is all seen by God and not only should we pray for our food, but we should also remember to cross at the crossing for in Gods eyes, the key factors are really safety, holiness and freedom and we should aways try and remember that, as I have said before the chicken often gives his life for us and we should not be chickens but God lovers, as God also has the keys to life and eternal life. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

14/12/2015"Nothing Comes To The Mind Of The Weary"

Nothing comes to the mind of the weary is a catch phrase that often means something to me and plays a real part in my life. If I had to rediagnose my disease of schizophrenia, it would be Chronic Fatique Syndrome. I lead a busy life but I am often physicaly, mentally and spiritually drained. While I am not blaming my work efforts on this site, that does play a part of the reason. You get emottionally drained by woprking hrad even just for a bit with meaningful literature inspiration, because when you qwrite for that reason, you have to really mean it and that means that you have to try your best to please even when you are politely in a defensive attack. I rest for a good part of the day when I am home because when I am out it is full on and to me a 40 hour job would just be physically and humanly for me now. You must rest the mind to generate energy for creative writing, you must rest the mind with any kind of work and that is why our bodies are designed to get at least 8 hours sleep of a night. The thing is the more you do, the more you need to rest. the more you do, the more interesting life is but the more you have to give your mind a rest. It would be solid gobbablygook if I just sat down and wrote all day, all you would get would be gibberish and you would not read any of it, let alone all. So we all must remember that notthing comes to the mind of the weary, bust res tfor a while to develope a new theoury, was a line of mine in The Coming Of Parsifal. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

6.00 pm 13/01/2016 Good knights Wisdom tonight is about, Making Sure Your Right.

It is always important to make sure that you are right when you say or right something and that means getting your facts right and speaking the truth to stay out of trouble by being right in your spoken or written words and mind of thinking. So we should always try to to the right thing, say the right thing and think the right things. People like to make the point of being right and some do it by taking it to the extreme of being right all the time and that can be overbearing and annoying, but with a quiet and gentle disposition we can gently voice our opinions or ideas and get the message across from your brain by letting people know what is on your mind. This can be cruel and kind sometimes, but still we must try to communicate our point of views, while bearing in mind that we are nor working for our own glory, but God's and that exultation is indusive of being humble and gentle minded which does the world of good for our hearts and souls, producing the fruit of the spirit according to the mind of God. The flesh is weak and normally we are all self seekers, but being right and making sure of it is indicative of fresh and proper thinking, which I reiterate is not self seeking but puts the focus on God. God Bless and Good Knight and remember that if you can't be right be humble and that will be right enough. Darel.

17/01/2015 Good Knights Wisdom, Grow Old Graciously

Growing old graciously is a bit of a lost art, with everyone in a hurry to make money and do as much as you can within the time that you have got. People want as much as they can out of life and the gift of time is often overlooked in favour of a more active and interesting lifestyle. We are adventure seekers at heart and wanting to live a long time and experience full longetivity is dieing from of impatience. Taking life for what it is and that is a truly valuable thing means that we must try and stay safe instead of rushing around to do everything. Accidents are caused by restlessness and recklessness and being patient to grow old graciously is well worth its rewards. It is no good having it all at once and there is not good in putting it all away for a rainy day and have nothing when you fall short of the glory, but a sudden mistake or a tired and weary approach to life by trying to do too much all the time, can be fatal. We should pace ourselves and live life as though it has real worth and more so than worshipping money. It is not easy all the time to be less selfish or self centered, but the value contributing of serving others leads to a happier and longer lifetime. The key then is to slow down and take it easy, don't give up on the work too soon, but slowly organise and shift through each day in a methodical and logical format. Take time out for yourself and learn to do things which create a better lifestyle for all as it is in satisfying other that you fulfill your true and given destiny in life and that is rewarding in itself to give you more warm and loving feelings from others that lead to more personal attention to grow old graciously and in a kind and loving order. Take your time to grow graciously, as longetivity is the key to a full and rewarding truly satisfying lifestyle. Darel.

20/01/2016 Good Knight's Wisdom Quote -

The Squeaky Gate Gets The Most Oil.

The squeaky gate, door or hinge gets the most oil of cource because you hate the irratation of that rusty hinge giving your ears a certain nausia. Words are wonderful aren't they, as in the parable of the sower, the one who sowed on good ground reeped a hundred times what was sown. Can you see what I am getting at in the similarities of that. The rusty hinge could be bad soil but because the farmer complains and does something about it, he gets a property improvement and shuts up the other wingers who see him as fruitful and hard working because of his persistance to perservere and he finally relpaces the old hinge on the farm gate, so he does not have to oil it all the time. It is often like that with people who complain, they have always got something wrong with themself, but seldom do anything about it to fix the problem. Writing is one way of venting your frustrations and by explaining your situation in a clear concise written format of descriptive lanuage you can voice your opinion of why you are frustrated and seek to explain why your world seems to be swallowing you up and that inturn then shows you and provides a way out of a bad situation. It does not always have to be financial stress or the worry of where the next payment is coming from for the feeding the family or paying the light bill and rent or telephone. Through things like this, God provides the necessary means for the answer to the problem and by His providing the solution, like the oil to the rusty hinge, we start to see clearly our purpose and direction for the positive things of life in the future and the mapped out path that God has trodden to lead and guide or direct our lives. So to for the farmer that planted his seed, God waters the crop in due season and provides a harvest of ten, twenty or a hundred times what was sown. This is the fruit of the labour or the provison of a grateful and gracious father who because of his servants labour has yeilded another crop of majesty, truth and beauty for the splendid pleasure and treasure of Himself and his reward is not only the bountiful supplies of food on the table, but the treasures of eternal life and the riches of the kingdom of God thrown in with the deal. God Bless. Darel.

23/01/2016---Good Knights Wisdom---

An Apple A day Keeps The Doctor Away and The Dentist Too

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and the dentist to was another one of mums lines. Well actually she use to say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that if you run out of tooth paste you can eat an apple and it will do the same job. Isn't it wonderful how mum always knows best or a least that is the way it seems and like any wisdon we have to believe something, choose to accept it or ignore it and that is where we get the best results in using proven methods and ways that have worked best for our elders in previous generations and so that if we pick up on them ourselves they will also work for us to, or at least that is the theory. Actually ever since I tried doing that one I have been seeing a doctor ever since and I wonder if that is mum's wisdom backfiring on me while she did all the work and she is up in heaven having the last laugh. But nevertheless, we have to try something and proven methods should always work best and I guess that as I always brush my teeth twice a day for practically the whole of my life, except when I missed a few times as a kid and ended up in the dentist. Then there was a time when I tried to out smart the dentist by getting a free bridge to replace a lost tooth and he drilled down two other good teeth to put it in. Life is full of real life experiences and the thing seems true that we must learn first hand by our mistakes to really believe what the truth is by proving it to ourselves. Like I gave up on the idea of eating an apple each day. I still buy apples and eat them but 3 out of 5 will sit in the fridge for too long before I eat them. So where is the wisdom in that for us now. Do you believe the old wives wise tales or do you put into practice the proven methods of societies accepted norms and talk to the doctor regularly and get regular free advise on how to stay sane. Then by staying on the right track and clean our teeth relentlessly to avoid the dentist totally. Really nobody wants to sit in the dentist chair and go through all that pain and suffering of losing teeth. We have to care and look after our own teeth if we want to take on the responsibility and the ownership of our own lives and look after our personal health and wellbeing for future generations to come. Talking to a doctor may well be a better answer than eating an apple each day, but there is so much junk food and apples are sop good for you right, it might just pay us to try and eat an apple as often as we can or a least as an alternative to junk food. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

Good Knights Wisdom 23/05/2016

Early To be And Early To Rise makes One Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Early to bed and early to rise is one of my favorite sayings in the world. It is the modern day philosophy that I hang onto like grim death to every day. I really beleive that it works. Even though I might be poor, cash in the bank wise, I am happy healthy and wise enough to write logical sayings and learn or teach them enough to make sense of earning. You don't have to be smart with wisdom , but just apply simple truths to live a little bit longer and in some cases if you can maintain being wise, live a lot longer. Wisdom can be a thing of the past that is passed down the line through generations and established as the accepted and right ways to do something now. Going to bed early, simply means that you are relaxed and not worried, but wired awake the next day. If you go to bed at dusk and rise at dawn or before, like myself then you will have had enough sleep to work the whole day. If we don't get enough sleep, we don't function well the next day and if we can get enough sleep and rest to sustain ourselves from being tired, we will not only be able to work well, but think clearly enough to make enough money to be wealthy. Finance all depends on you mental and pyschhological well being, with application of common sense. If you are healthy, your body works properly to be wise and understand the laws of nature that win in life and in every day business deals of success orientated purchases. I am a reader and a writer and whether my fame and fortune is in books, property or money in the bank it does not matter. Success status is not in your own eyes, but in the eyes of other people. People may judge me as a poor man, but I am rich spiritually, people may say that I don't have enough property, but I have over 3,000 books and I have nearly read half of them. The other half I still have time for to read and time is a more precious commodity than money, if you did not know. Without time you have no life and without life, money is no good to you anyway. So I still maintain that I am healthy, weatlthy and wise even with a disability after all, that pays me money, no matter how small it is in other peoples eyes. I may not be a billionaire businessman, but I am not poor and on the streets either and in fact I give more money to the poor than a lot of rich businessmen, to give people who are on the streets an oportunity to be sheltered and fed at night is a real reward of untold wealth as you would not want to be in that position yourself for too long as I nearly was in that place. After all if you can not share your wealth, you may as well take it to the grave with you when you go. So as you can see I maintain the success wisdom of early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise and also makes you a very happy boy or girl. I will try and keep doing this until I die. Really I aim to be a dawn to dusk person everyday, so just like the sun sets and rises, I go to bed and rise like the sun and that makes me wealthy in Gods eyes, I know. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

Good Knights Wisdom 56/7/2016


That is really a bold and stick your neck out statement, but I really am believing it is true. Morality shoyuld really be our foundational core and where we should all be heading. This is the type of leadership we need these days and morality is the key to a successful social system. Behaviour is a choice of attitude in the moral pursuit and cource of life. We should all aim to do and say what is right and appropriate in day to day decisions and our general ambitions and goals. Plan for the future, Yes!¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†but make it morally based.Traditional values and conservative Governements of the past have proved to be the most effective and these new free type social stances where love and law mix equally, is not the timely truths and historical proven paths of the past to lead and guide people in traditional values and moralistic ways. Rules are made for a reason and the truth of right rules is the foundational and only way to correctly Govern. be sure you politicians if you can't get it right Australians are not silly people and they will get leaders who can get it right. Listen to the people and don't make wishy washy rules and laws. Health and Education is foundational to our countries system and if you want to scrap a well working medical system and bring in gay marriage, watch out people about and clean living and healthy policies with affordable resources for all Australians is a must. Who said it is wrong to be moralistic anyway, Jesus loved sinners, but he also lead and exempletary life of perfection, Do you follow the sinner or the one who never sinned?Moralistic values are what I will be covering in my next and coming books. Moral Rules and regulations are not wrong, they just seem to have been forgotton in time. Moralistic laws are the right way to Govern. That the natural laws of the universe in the preservation of life and keeping things which are pure and sacred well respected. I know that I sometimes don't meet all my own standards of rules in moralistic living and fail to ive up to my own agenda myself, but we still should all aim to keep the law of love and sanctity. Romans 7 is usually my excuse for failing to meet the standards God sets. Right living, keeping the marriage bed pure and holy, refraining from alcohol and nicotine, refuting drug use and basically trying to obey all of the Ten Commandments is moralistic law. We are asked to turn from our evil ways and live as clean and pure and righteous people, so why do we all seem to neglect this tradition. The question has got to be asked and the answer is not really too difficult, in that we must all aim to live moralistic lives to the pureness and sanctity of God's holinesss and righteousness. Admitting that we sin is the first step in the right direction to becoming holy, then by following the right and traditional values of our past heritage to get to where we are today in that we must aim for perfection and try to succeed in right living. Being tidy, clean and well organised are simple steps in the right direction, then we must try and obey the guidelines and rules. The principles of moral living are high to meet and accept, but we should not settle for second best and we should aim to live our lives right at all time. Food for thought as we step and delve further into this world of moral rightness. Please consider trying to take the right steps to. Thanks and God Bless. Darel.

Canis Majoris and The Krebb Cycle

I also have some more trivia information for you like Canis Majoris and The Krebb Cycle. The earth is on an axis with a tilt and this causes the seasons. Every 1125 years the tilt of the axis does a complete 360 degree turn and all the seasons turn around in a complete circle and this might explain some reason for our winters to be start getting a bit colder and our as our summers were getting warmer. The Summer could start getting milder and the Winters compensating for what was called Global Warming to getting cooler Winters in The Southern Hemisphere until we have Winters like The Northern Hemisphere here in The South and our days will be longer like The Northern Summers and Winters shorter days in oposite poles in 500 years, though The Southern Cross will always remain in the night sky in The Southern Hemisphere and The Northern Lights (The Aurora Bauriallic) will always remain¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†in The Northern Hemisphere.

9/4/2017 A news article worth saving.

6.00 pm Good Evening and Good Knight News

Good evening and good knight and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. Well, Parsifal the wise fool was on a quest for meaning and undersatnding as he searched for the holy grail and life's journey for us all can be looked upon earth like that in the world of people and words, where by the kingdom of God is the heavenly trail of inspiration and meaning to find and follow. The knight that would become king on the trail and path of life. I have enjoyed and endured that today and now other days with Lynne as we have done a few walks and got the meaning of life on the path of life and by creating a literary trail to follow in daily entires of this blog. The man at the fish and chip shop reminded Lynne and I today of the Greek festival of the year known as Easter and that we must eat fish over Easter. The meat raffle this Friday at the RSL Club has a seafood tray display rather than red meat this week. I have read to the end of 1 Chrionicles this afternoon after a few hours nap, where I slept and dreamed in beautiful peace after being tired out from my walks of late. Lynne might have done the same. Well that is just about it for me now as I listen to my music with Don Moan an American Christain singer who is talking about signs of Revelation now as I write and I heard the voice of many angels, ten thousands time ten thousands, worthy is the Lamb to recieve power and strength and blessing. We give you glory, all creation I sing prasie to the King of Kings, we bless you Lord. We worship you Jesus. Your voice, We worship you God, worthy is the Lamb, we give you blesssing. Oh Lord, Oh Lord, very heavenly and uplifting. Oh Lord You are worthy. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

Good Knights Wisdom 18/06/2017

Eternity Creation, First Day And Sabbath

Saturday may be The Sabbath, but Sunday is the first day of creation and therefore the first day of eternity. Nothing existed before the first Sunday. The Sabbath was The Seventh day when God rested, but before the first day The Sabbath Before everything was just a thought and nothing had really ever been done. That is my food for thought tonight.

Good Knights Wisdom, Wise Sayings Remembered.

Remember the old sayings,That Rome was not built in a day and slow and steady wins the race and so we should all pace ourselves and keep plodding along on a day to day basis, to¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†get the jobs done in their own good time. Why push¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†the panic button unless¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†we all are just quite desperate.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†

God Knights Wisdom Quote

19/06/2017 Change For A Difference

Sorry to be different and change things around a little tonight, but my profound wisdom from last night has stayed with me for todays mood tonight. What I am trying to say or what just came to mind was Karl Marx's classic line and statement that nothing ever stays the same for too long and that we did not come into the world to leave it the way we arrived, but to make a mark on the world and change it for the better or change the world to make a difference. This is profound wisdom indeed and also very true in that no one ever became famous out of doing nothing, we at least have to try to do something to leave a mark or strive for that ultimate goal of fame. This cannot be rushed either as usually it is just as important to enjoy the ride as it is to get to the desired ending or goal that we have set for ourselves to aim for. Each should have a plan of action that they can follow and adhere to for the goal of achieving our each and own individual desired aim. We have to set goals becuse we need to stay focused and aware of what we are doing and heading for. Sitting on the sideline for too long is never going to get us anywhere and we have to make sure that we are fit enough to take our position on the field or the desired field in life that we are working towards. Enough wisdom for tonight, I did put last nights little bit of wisdom on the good knights wisdom quotes and I will do the same tonight. Last point, brush up on your history and geography for your own bibliography and your own personal story. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

Good Knights Wisdom Quote 22/06/2017 Money Wise

6.00 pm Good Evening and Good Knight News


Good evening and good knightb and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. Well I have done just what I said I would for the last hour or two and just listened to some music for a while. Nothing much really accomplished, but a more rested and stable mind after reading enough earlier. Work seems to be the means to justify the ends in most cases with wanting money, but wanting money is not the be all and end all of life, there are things in life just as precious as money. There is faith in the future in that you can't earn tomorrows money today. That might be there in your savings but to add interest to that you must wait till the clock ticks around the corner, and the meanwhile you work for more money and what have you got to show for it at the end of the day, a bigger fatter bank account that you don't really need all of or have to the power to spend all that you have unless you are going all out to u[pgrade your house or something, really food on the table and a roof over your head, is enough to keep most people happy with those basic necessary requirements. Then there is everything else you want but don't really need, but you are just saving for a rainy day so that you will have enough in five years time. Well that is the question, what is it all about? if it is not money, then what is it right? Saving away all those pennies for something down the track that you don't really know about does not make sense.Right! OK! So like I said the other night, that unless you have a plan and a goal you are wasting your time in meaningless idleness. I have said enough for today and that will mean that it is now time to say.The point to the exercise is try and have another plan than just money. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

10/5/2018-3.00 pm

The Holy Grail

It is a hard concept to grasp and understand but the grail has enormous power and healing abilities, it is the key and link between the sacred and the secular and is the one physical object of possession that the cross could not accomplish in physical richness. The cross was the way to psiritual richness but the life on earth needs transission from the spiritual conception to the physical presence of understanding reality. Reality has its load of treasures, but the warnings are in the process of the search and the aclaiming of the treasures in possession whilst they do tie one down in life and time with demand those treasures back, it does add meaning and purpose in aquiring possessions and living within those means to be satisfied, content and comfortable with our own individual situations on earth. The grail is the one physical object that can lead to that paradise or heaven on earth and while we are costantly challenged by the theological pursuit of happiness in heaven and that our souls will not inherit the kingdom of God if we are rich on earth, we are constantly in that struggle and turmoil to find the happy medium of comfort and contentment on earth in harmony and balance with the rest of the world. This is done by reading as in my books and so it is with books about the grail, the meaning is about your understanding of your own personal level of contentment and achievement for that little bit extra, day by day.

4/08/2018 Extracts

2.00 pm Good Afternoon News

Good morning and welcome abck to my day. I have read up to Psalm 112 on page 1000 but to get half way through my Bible I have to read another 35 pages. It is strange how I can have a productive day and then the next day I am unproductive, I would like things to balance out a bit more so that I had a productive day everyday. I don't like wasting time even though I go to bed early to get enough sleep for the hours that I am awake I like to use my time wisely. People eat and buy supermarket products like it is going out of style, we are just a big bunch of indulgent consumers and trying to keep up to date is a full time job just to stay alive. The more we eat the more we waste and the more we have to reproduce to replenish our supplies. The farmers are out there suffering in 98% drought affected areas across Australia and churches are praying for rain which we so desperately need. Just so we can keep up our supermarket indulgences, no wonder God is not coming to the party because we all have enough to eat, but when the day comes that the land dries out completely we will blame God but it is not His fault, we are the big bunch of consumers, we have to make it rain by our hard work and pain and suffering, that is how God answers prayer. Work Work Work just like the Egyptions did to the Israelites, God came through in the end and gave them there own country which is war tawn and badly inflicted with pain today. Maybe he can work to alleviate a bit of the pain here and there again and give us some rain, just like they cried out for food in the desert and got manna to eat and quail. 40 years is a hard slog in the desert, we just need to make a concerted effort to help, a lot of people are allready doing that but still we think of ourselves first instead of those others who are suffering. Give it I go I say, everyone try and be productive, if you at least try and make an effort everyday then there is not much more that you can do but persist and keep trying when you are down and the Devil is trying to get a foothold, don't give up just like me when you are beaten, tomorrow is always another day. More later. Darel.¬¬¬¬¬†

4.00 pm Good Evening and Good Knight News

Good evening and good knight and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. I have finished reading Psalms now and I feel that I have had a quite a productive day now. IT does not always come like this, some days I take it easy and enjoy the day, sometimes I am out and about on the trains and buses and ferries. But when I want to knuckle down and do my work crack down and get things done and I can't do it through some form of mental illness or laziness, I am not lazy anymore like I was as a child in from of the TV. I need to be able to work when I have to and when I want to to keep up to date with everything that has got ot be done. LIfe was not meant to be easy at least not all the time, there is a time for relaxation and a time for work but we can't let ourselves get caught behind the eight ball with things getting on top of us all the time, Snowed down and in for a season when other things and different people are leaving us behind and sitting in the corner. The Bible says that there is a time for everything, the trick is the key to knowing when and why and what to do at what specific times. We need to be able to read the seasons and as we get older that gets harder to do, but the more we persist and try the easier it seems to get to be. I guess I have siad enough for today about productiveness, but I will come back and harp on this some more in times to come. We must all contribute to get a feel for what is worth while in life and you can't expect to get anything out of life that you did not put in in the first palce, Sure Gods grace is there for us to learna nd suffer and manage by so that we can become mature and do things for oursleves the right way, but we can't be expecting God to do everything for us all the time just for ourself by ourselves, God is supreme and he holds the keys to life and death we must stay faithful to Him and trust and obey yes, but we also must learn to contribute and be productive,. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.¬¬¬¬†

14/10/2018 Sunday Sermon Notes.

Someone who is full, even honey is not appealing. But someone who is starving even what is bitter tastes sweet. Often more times than not the Godly person is the one who is poor, the rich need little for themselves and so there reliance on God is not so important, they can help them self. The poor need a bit more help but they can do things and work hard and not cheat people of there honouring of God and other people, the rich take advatage of the poor and helpless. Thise rich who go to church give a bit to the poor, but those who are poor and disadvantaged need a lot more help. That is the way the world works in economic circles, everyone tries to work hard for their money or they won't get any, but the rich take advantage of those who don't work hard, by exploiting and exposing their laziness and the hardworking poor honour God. I think that is how it works, what goes around comes around and God is the righteous judge, be sure your sins will find you out, like the rich man in the hell fire and Lazerous, there is a judgement for all and a sure recompence. That is because we are all accountable to God. By the same token if the poor are lazy they don't deserve what the rich get and can be punished by the rich. They say that you can't be rich and happy unless you are working hard and not taking it easy, lieing, cheating and thieving, The motto is in all things, honour God. Darel.

15/08/2020¬¬†12.00 Noon News


Good afternoon for today. I have a couple of small stories to tell you about some women that came across my path. First I tried to apply for doing a degree in Economics and Education at NSW University in 1998 and when I got there the lady handing out the application forms asked me if I knew what a degree was? I was taken back and slightly startled, I thought every one knew what a degree was, but I was stumped in asnwering. Sure you just listen to your lecturer ad write whatever you nned to to understand the facilty and recieve a comprehensive unsderstanding of the course through your individual writings and natetaking to form a logical though structure and knowledge of the subject of which you had embarked on learning, but do you think that I could say that in a few owrds, no. She then checked my marks from my Advanced Management Cetrificate which I had just completed at Pass level and my grades were not satisfactory for entry into the university, Since then I have travelled around the world three times, written on three of my own websites comprehensively and thoroughly encorporating Education and Economics in two 100 page books of each and also by now should have a honorary degreee in Arts and Literature with nearly twenty five books on the subject, but what I am going through now, I am still considered a fool and I remember my learning days in my second story of looking for a partner and getting caught by women who only wanted to take advantage of me and use me, none worth marrying. I got stuck on an Island in Sydney Harbour once in 2001, that I had got to by water taxi from Circular Quay and he did not come back for me. Then about twenty 20 women came across on a ferry and they got off and I missed the boat back, stuck on an island with twenty women, any mans best dream, I was scared to death, they could easily overpower me and I felt that I was severely outnumbered. Different back on the mainland at Rose Bay, when their ferry came and picked them up and I got a lift back with them where there was equal numbers of men and women, no advantages needed, it is about love and sharing in the end. More Later. Darel.