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This is a section for who I support financially, where I have attended churches and where I currently express a religious faith for or advocate to say what, where or why I believe, with Extracts form the daily news when relevant to this Segment.

I was brought up in Gymea Baptist Church for the best part of my first 35 years. I have attended Darwin and Hobart Baptist churches and at The Holy Trinity and St Davids in Hobart for a year. I also attended churches in Anson Street Orange for 6 months Baptist, Anglican and Uniting. Then I was attending morning services at Yagoona Baptist and afternoon and evening sevices at Wesley Mission 220 Pitt St Sydney from 2001 to 2010. I also attended Hillsong church at Bella Vista on a Saturday night for 5 years. I have attended The Bible Church in Condell Park for two years and three years at a Local Anglican Church. I also attended St Andrews cathedral for over a year and I have attended Bible Studies there during the week for ten years and Bible Studies at St Matthews Manly for four years. I am now attending,Wahroonga, Seventh Day Adventist on a Saturday and St Andrews Cathedral on a Sunday. Darel.

Missions that I support are, World Vision on the 1st of each month,Baptist World Aid 7th, Anglicare and The Bible Society, both on the 16th. All $20 each a month.

Extracts from Daily news For Faith News

6/7/2016 - 5.00 am News

Morality and Truth Psychology

It is true that that there is a moral to every story and even life has its moral ends. Do the right thing and you get a tick and do the wrong thing and you get a cross. Kids at school are marked right or wrong by what they write and whether they learn the right thing and remember it or not. Even all the fairy stories have a moral end. Snow White gets the Prince, Sleeping Beauty gets the prince and Cinderella gets the prince and they all live happily ever after in the castle, because they suffered for the worng and were rewarded with the good or right. It is confusing in a world of mind altering drugs where alcohol and maraquana or other harmful thought changing drugs corrupt the thinking into thinking that something that is right is wrong and visa versa. Clear thinking and straight thinking behavioural patterns of good and healthy food, clean water to drink and a chance at an intelligent education are the basic necessities of life. Health is or at least should be our maintstream priority in life. People that do the right thing and uphold the law should and do live longer. So there is a moral reward or outcome to life, morality meaning is just that, the moral to every story is that we are judged by our words and deeds and the one that appears to be right and lives the longest is the one to follow. Money is just a tool or a vehicle to help you meet your goals of travelling the road of life and staying alive to tell others about it. We should all have a place to live or call home and that is the basic right of everybody. The world is a big place and there are plenty of places to live and people will help if you don't have a place of your own. if you work hard and get a morgage, you can own your own home unit or house as well. I am trying to do that very thing by my work on this website. So the basic rights to life stem from moralistic living, morality is indeed the key to everything and like time has a way of finding ut the truth, time heals all ills and we can all eb sure that in time our sins will find us out and we will be judged by God or other people for what we have done and said. The Bible says that we are all accountable to God and that is determined by what we do and how we spend our time here on earth. That is the Biblical moral story and picture. We can be sure that The Righteousness of God will win in the end and we must do our own individual part to see that we win the prize and goal of life in the end to. The victory is not in death but in moral living. Be sure that you see the clear and true picture of what morality is about, it is about doing the right thing and seeing that others try to do the right thing and follow moral rules and patterns as well. It is not about the hard task master who lays down the law, rules and laws are meant to protect us and keep us safe and see that we do find our treasure in longetivity and enough for all our lives. God is in the end the cheif figure head who knows what is right and where he has been and what we can and can't do and this is represented in most countries constitutional laws which are designed to look after us and see we are safe and protected. When countires lose this moral agenda they go down hill and are confused and don't know what they are doing. This is a schizophrenic state and we must keep to traditional values and goals. Homosexual marriage is a complete abomonation and must always be ruled out. Casual sex, while we are young and stupid is still an evil sin and we should all try and avoid it, but many don't. Alcohol, I am sorry to be the party pooper, yes I tried it, but in the end it makes you ill and gives you confused thinking, that is why I have to write. If no one did the worng thing, everyone would be happy all the time but as you know there would not be much fun, so we experiment and we get hurt and pay the consequences in pain and suffering, stress, worry and anxitety which leads to gross depression. If we did the right thing all the time we would always be happy, Right, Tick, Do you get my drift? Treasures in heaven are the fruit of doing the right thing, persevereing, sustaining moral views and outlooks and being tollerant and persistent to uphold truth and values in the moralistic pursuit of life. I hope that you understand what I am saying and that you might see the light at the end of the tunel as I did. It is a long and hrad road to correct the wrongs we have suffered with and pay for the good times that we have enjoyed, but it is worth it if we weach the prize and goal of eternal life which starts right here on earth and goes forvever or as long as you are doing the right thing (Heaven and Hell are real). Have a good day and more later and I will be back with more later in this passionate quest for truth and morality. Darel.

3.00 pm News:-This is just a bit more to say on the pyschology or truth and morality.

Understanding people, What Psychology is about Right! This is a test of behaviour to see if we are conforming to Societal Norms or do we buck the system and do our own thing. If the right thing is normal, Do You DoubtIt? Then The Wrong Thing Must be Abnormal. Some [people would say that it is the other way around. But I will put my faith in the god in people and not the bad in that there are a lot of very nice maintained houses and gardens out there and they must care about doing the right thing, Yes? Generally people are clean and tidy and I will give the benefit iof the doubt on that one, some are messy and untidy and they are the ones not right. When there is work to be done and it can be done and is done, this is good and leads to motality. When our places are a pig styand we sit down and watch TV, then this leads to immorality. Pschological behaviour is typified in these simple examples of cleanliness and organisation. In laziness and dilligent work efforts and sure we are free to do what we want, but within the laws requirements of meetings needs and paying prices where costs are always being maintained and require payments. The Bible says that if you don't work, then you don't eat. If you have money in the bank you are still entitled to do that, but what when the money runs out and you have no job. Do you get a handout if you are unable to work or do you then have to go out andd find a job. These are the basic levels of objection that I will be looking at in my new books. It is ofcource not right to be too judgemental, but we can't turn a blind eye or be blinded by the facts others choose to apparently completely ignore. If you see something wrong, yes say something as you are really doing the other person a service in rebuking them. Darel.

4.30 pm Good Evening and Good Knight News

Good evening and good knight and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. I am still consolidating on my morality ideas. I have read The Love, Peace and War (Liberty) Book and I also a bit of More. The thing is that we can't become regementally legalistic about morality. It is a thing that comes form the heart. Like to judge between War and Peace, Love and Hate, Money and Time, we are going to be discriminative, It is wrong to be racist and it is also wrong to kill in war and put it off as a moralistic reason in justifying that someone did something wrong and the law says don't kill but evil people kill innocent people. It simply can't be justified moralistically, but must be dealt with indiscriminately and justly. We can not assume that something is right when it is wrong and we must make a stance to change what is wrong in order to try and make it right. This is moralistic law when we take the ownus upon ourselves to do the right thing and to see that other things are right as well. My point may seem to be drifting away from the sacrficial substantiation of Jesus and The Cross, where He died for our sins and even in me trying to explain morality from a pyschological point of view takes away some of the central focus and effectiveness of Christ OnThe Cross, but I must commit to do some work of some kind and this is as relevant to me now as Christ was on the cross 2,000 years ago and God still has the reigns in heaven overseeing when I slip into my own importance and like everyone else trying to live moralistic lives, we all can't seem to live up to the perfection of Christ On The Cross and God as King. Perhaps my moral question has gone too far and I should give up on it now, but still the question arises that there should be some intrinsic reward for all our self sacrifices and devoting ourselves to Gods holy cause of being loyal to Him. I don't know if it were totally up to me I would give the whole game away, but still I have to try and accept that I can't do everything on my own, but God is there to help with the too difficults and what may seem human impossibilities and after all it is really God's moralistic holy cause as we are all still accountable to Him as I said earlier on, we are serving Him and trying to win the cause of battle against wrong doing and he is there to oversee and help as I have also said before. God willing this will continue or otherwise God will have a higher cause and desire to lead me elsewhere, but for now while I can I will try and engage and battle on with my new moralistic psychological cause, as if for no other reason but it gives me something to write about. That will bring out many different and varied areas for discussion as I continue to engage in dialogue in this direction. Stay with me and you can be moralistic encouragement to me to give me confidence to take up the challenge and continue in this direction. God Bless and Good Knight. Darel.



3 trips to Broken Hill this year, One been two more to come, One week in May & one week between August/September then The Gold Coast. Nov / Dec ? tentative plans at this stage

Possible 2018 after March

Flight to Cairns, Daintree, Port Douglas, Airlee Beach, Whitsundays, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Home. If money allows.

By 2020 New Zealand -Auckland, Bay Of Islands, Wiaheke Island, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Hamilton, Chirstchurch, Mt Cook, Queenstown, Milford Sound and other Sound there, then Dunedin, Invacargo, Bluff and home.

Sometime Between 2018 - 2025 PLANS

I want to do one more around the world trip on my own unless I get married first which would be more favourable. Flying to China, Shang Hai, India New Delhi for the Taj Mahal, Dubai, Holy Land Tour Jerusalem, Cairo etc. London and then train to Paris a few days, Brussels, Heidelburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Geneve. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Copenhagen, Scandinavia for Norway, Sweden, Finland and a bit more of Ireland, Scotland, English Lakes District Etc. Miami, Carribean Cruise. Then This Time, Rocky Mountain Train from Toronto or Montreal to Vancouver,Trafalgar, Rocky MountainTour and Alaskan Cruise, Anchorage, Hawaii, Tahiti and home. Praying God will supply the money. God Knows. Thanks Darel.